Digital Heaven has released eight new plug-ins for Final Cut Pro 4 and Final Cut Express 2: DH_Dropout, DH_FieldTrans, DH_Grid, DH_Guides, DH_LegalText, DH_Reincarnation, DH_Subtitle and DH_WideSafe. They're available now for purchase from the Digital Heaven online store at a cost of £5.99 each or 8 for £35.92.

DH_Dropout corrects dropouts, independently scaling, moving and rotating up to two replacement fields in the process. DH_FieldTrans solves the problem posed when effects need to be applied to clips that have vision cuts on field two. DH_Grid generates a grid with up to 10 divisions. DH_Guides displays left, right, top and bottom guides in three different styles and can scale the distance between the guides.

DH_LegalText inserts required legal disclaimers and allows you to accurately measure the height of the text without switching out of Final Cut. DH_Reincarnation replaces up to two dead pixels with new ones at a time. DH_Subtitle creates professional-looking subtitles aligned to a common baseline and displayed in boxes or with a real-time drop shadow. DH_WideSafe provides 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 safe areas when working with a 16:9 aspect ratio; SD and HD720/1080 are supported.

DH_Dropout and DH_Subtitle are available as demos downloadable from the Digital Heaven Web site, where you can also find Flash tutorials that demonstrate how to use all the plug-ins except DH_FieldTrans.