EditDV and Media Cleaner EZ have both been released on the Web as free versions, according to Digital Origin. Downloadable free-of-charge from iCanStream.com, Digital Origin says it is aiming to provide Mac users with professional editing and streaming tools so they can create online streaming media. "Digital Origin is providing the Mac community with a very powerful combination of tools for creating high-quality QuickTime streaming content," said Mike Micheletti, product manager for Digital Origin. "EditDV Unplugged provides the ideal platform for DV editing enthusiasts to take the next step in video content delivery - streaming. Users can take advantage of our sophisticated editing features, then use Media Cleaner to create superior-quality streaming-media content and deliver it over the Internet. EditDV Unplugged offers a swath of features, including two layers of audio up to CD-quality, 40 built-in transitions, 19 built-in titles and titling features such as drop shadows and keyframed animation, and slow-motion effects. Other features include XYZ pans, zooms and rotation. Digit has teamed up with Digital Origin to bring Digit readers the complete download with the next issue, backed with tutorials and advice.