E-on Software is offering special year-end discounts on Vue d’Esprit 4 and Vue 4 Professional.

Following the recent release of Vue 5 Esprit, e-on software has reduced the price of a download version of Vue d'Esprit 4 from $199 to $69 (from around £112 to £40). Vue 4 Professional is now available for $399 (£225), down from $599 (£335).

Vue d’Esprit 4 download version buyers are eligible to upgrade to Vue 5 Esprit for a fee of only $129 (£73). The company hasn’t given details of upgrades from the professional version.

The English version of the User Guide is also included for reference as a PDF file. French and German printed manuals are sold separately for $29.99 (£17). The download version includes extensive libraries of over 300 materials, 100 atmospheres and 30 plants, e-on claims.