E-on Software has begun shipping its complete line of natural 3D environment creation software for Mac OS X and Windows, including Vue 6 Easel, Esprit and Pro Studio. Prices on the new Vue 6 products range from £47 to £232 plus VAT depending on the title.

The three new titles supplement the professional Vue 6 Infinite and Vue 6 xStream products already been released. The new products are aimed at casual and professional artists and illustrators, respectively.

Vue 6 Easel, priced at £47.37(download)/£54.70(boxed), is designed to be an introduction to 3D scenery. Features include the ability to create a 3D scene using a predefined set, adding characters and choosing the point of view you want o use to create your "photo." Various enhancements have been added to Vue 6, such a spectral atmospheres and volumetric clouds, image-based lighting and High Dynamic Range (HDRI) support, support for Poser characters, new terrain tools, post-processing effects and the ability to more quickly create forests and crowds.

Vue 6 Esprit, priced at £105.93(download)/£126.52(boxed), offers a wealth of additional features and capabilities -- more lighting and atmospheric effects, a broader range of objects to use in scenes, better vegetation support, improved modeling and rendering capabilities, more extensive materials library and more.

Vue 6 Pro Studio rounds out the three offerings. For £212.39(download)/£237.02(boxed), the software incorporates the same feature set as Vue 6 Esprit but adds five expansion models that provide additional features, capabilities, new models and materials and much more: Botanica, which lets you create your own plant species; an advanced lighting engine called LightTune; DeepAccess scene and asset management; HyperVue hybrid network rendering; and EcoSystem, which lets you add more plants, rocks and other objects.