E-on Software has revealed the features that will be added to Vue 5 Esprit when it ships at the end of September.

The new version of the company's 3D scene-building software will include global illumination and radiosity with EasyGI quality setting via a single slider, high dynamic range image and image-based lighting, sub-pixel detail -- regardless of viewing distance -- in procedural terrains, an improved atmospheric engine and more. You can read the entire list and view a QuickTime video preview -- rendered with the software -- on the E-on Web site.

Vue 5 Esprit pricing will be $249 (around £138), with upgrades from version 4 selling for $149 (£83). Those who purchased version 4 after October 1, 2003 can upgrade for $129 (£72) and those who own Vue 4 Professional can purchase a "sidegrade" for $99 (£55).