E-on launches Vue 8.4

E-on software has released a version 8.4 of its Vue 3D landscape software as a beta for Mac and Windows users. The company says that Vue 8.4 adds many new features, together with significant improvements to existing breakthrough technologies, and overall productivity and workflow enhancements.

New features include improved displacement mapping, and computation and rendering of displaced materials on standard terrains is significantly faster and more memory efficient, says E-on.New Multi-materials allow users to change all materials of any given object in a single operation. Multi-materials can be saved for future use, copy-pasted or drag-dropped between different objects in the scene.

New material controls include a 'Relative to sea' material mapping option, and a 'Sea level' input node. 'External Dependency', 'Distance to object below', 'Distance from camera', and other nodes now express object dimensions in user-definable real-world units.

The Motion Browser now lets users visually select and interactively preview preset poses and motions for rigged meshes. EcoSystem display improvements includes the rendering of shaded EcoSystem billboards is improved to provide more accurate coloring and reduce flickering when moving around the scene.

The render area and the collections browser can be locked to avoid accidental modifications, materials mapped in World coordinates are now accurately previewed in OpenGL, GPU resources can be easily monitored in the status bar, and objects can be copy-pasted to hidden or locked layers.

Other performance improvements include faster high quality previewing in OpenGL, automatic resizing of render buckets to maximize use of all cores on small renders, faster handling of complicated group hierarchies, default views are automatically resized to adjust according to internal units.

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