E-on Software has released details of the full line-up of different versions of its forthcoming Vue 7 software for creating 3D landscapes and environments.

"Our market research showed that, among independent users who were purchasing our professional solutions, many were doing so for a limited number of highly desirable features, such as, for instance, EcoSystem painting and wind effects. However, other production- or workflow-oriented features -- that they were paying for -- were of lesser interest to them", said Nicholas Phelps, president of E-on Software. "This is why we decided to add Vue 7 Complete to the Vue line. This version of Vue, specifically designed for expert 3D artists and small studios, represents a cost-effective alternative to Vue Infinite."

The following features are now available out of the box in Vue 7 Complete: wind and breeze effects, ventilators, EcoSystem painting, and 3D export. E-on says that a detailed feature list and more information will be made available soon.

Vue 7 Pioneer is the new entry-level version of Vue, superceding the former Vue Easel. E-on says that mewcomers to 3D and casual artists will find in Vue 7 Pioneer all the landscape-creation tools they need to easily create and render amazing images of their own 3D worlds.

Vue 7 Pioneer can be extended with a number of independent modules that add specific functionality to the base product. By adding modules, users can progressively upgrade all the way from Pioneer up to Complete.

The Vue 7 line of products is distributed in 2 sub-lines: Vue for 3D Artists and Small Studios, now comprised of Vue 7 Pioneer ($49.95/£29), Vue 7 Esprit ($199/£117), Vue 7 Pro Studio ($399/£238) and Vue 7 Complete ($599/£351) -- and Vue for Professionals, comprised of Vue 7 xStream ($895/£524), Vue 7 Infinite ($1,495/£876) and Ozone 4.

E-on says that product availability, detailed pricing and upgrade options (including special offers), as well as a
complete comparative chart will be announced soon.