Poser 7 will feature an enhanced rendering engine and support for HDRI-based lighting, e frontier has announced. The company is releasing details of the upgrade's new features in small doses, with the official shipping date not yet available.

High Dynamic Range Images (HRDI) can be used for Image-Based Lighting (IBL), which e frontier says gives you rendered lighting quality comparable to analog photo film.

The new version gains support for multi-threaded rendering on workstations with two or more processors or processor cores. E frontier says that this allows the FireFly rendering engine to work up to four times faster than previously.

Tiled Texture Loading allows more complex scenes than before to be output. It reduces texture memory needs to less than 10 per cent in texture-heavy scenes, according to E frontier, so more larger textures can be used.

The FireFly rendering engine can run as a separate process in the operating system in Poser 7. The company says that this provides a performance boost when rendering highly complex scenes. Memory management has also been improved for better system stability.

Ambient occlusion rendering can been sped up using irradiance caching, which can be configured for speed (draft mode) or quality (final mode). Occulsion culling boosts rendering speed by ignoring invisible elements at render time.

Other improvements include Raytracing performance in densely-populated scenes using the new kd-tree Ray Accelerator and better Depth-of-Field calculation.

Poser 7 can be pre-ordered as a Special Edition with extra casino and spy movie content for $249.99 (around £130), or $129.99 (around £70).