e frontier has released Manga Studio 3.0, a manga and comic book creation software program designed for aspiring and professional artists. Manga Studio contains everything needed to create high-quality, manga-style comics without the use of other graphic software says the company.

Two versions of the software are available; Manga Studio Debut for the aspiring artist or hobbyist, and Manga Studio EX for those that require expert tools and professional results. Manga Studio 3.0 has over 80 templates of pre-defined sizes so users can get started quickly, including four-panel manga and multiple postcard templates. Original line art can be drawn by the artist, scanned-in or imported from other programs with support for a variety of file formats including BMP, JPEG and PSD. Manga Studio allows artists to easily add, remove or replace tones with Manga Studio Debut offering over 1,800 tones and Manga Studio EX over 3,000 screen tones. Text and word balloons can be easily created and edited.

Additional features of Manga Studio EX include raster to vector conversion which makes it possible to export bitmap drawings to vector images. The software’s vector-based native format can be written to JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA and PSD files as well as output to a printer. The EX version's 2D line tone rendering feature automatically converts images and digital photos to lines and tones, while the 3D line tone rendering feature allows users to import 3D object data files (LWO, OBJ, DXF, LWS) for easy three-dimensional modelling and use as backgrounds. SHD (Super High Density) technology corrects and adjusts shaky hand-drawn lines, provides automatic anti-aliasing, smoothes jagged lines and other imperfections in images for the ultimate clean, professional look.

An Action Palette is designed to save time and effort by organizing multiple operations into single-click commands for quick results and frequently used tools and menu commands can be saved in custom palettes for easy access and uniformity.

Electronic downloads of Manga Studio 3.0 are now available in Windows format on the e frontier web site and with boxes available mid February 2006. The Macintosh version of Manga Studio 3.0 is due to be released in late February 2006. Manga Studio 3.0 can be purchased at reseller stores. e frontier is partnering with manga publisher TOKYOPOP, to release Manga Studio 3.0 in the US.

Pricing of Manga Studio 3.0 is as follows: Manga Studio Debut: $49.99; Manga Studio EX: $299.99.

For a limited time, Manga Studio EX upgrades are available for $199.99 to existing users of Poser and Shade direct from e frontier. Educational users can purchase Manga Studio EX for $99.99 and Manga Studio Debut for $29.99 through authorized academic resellers.

For more information visit www.e-frontier.com