e frontier has released Anime Studio 5 - a 2D animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime or cut-out animations.

Previously known as Moho, Anime Studio has been used in the creation of feature films, short films and commercials. Anime Studio employs a bone-rigging system, as used in 3D graphics software, to streamlines the animation workflow, and speed production, says e frontier. It offers a range of advanced drawing and animation tools and can output animations to video, TV, and Web formats.

Anime Studio is available for an estimated street price of $49.99, and Anime Studio Pro for an estimated street price of $199.99. Anime Studio is available free to educational institutions as part of e frontier’s Lab Pack Program, and available to educational users for $29.99, with Anime Studio Pro available for $99.99. More information about the educational Lab Pack Program can be found at:http://www.e-frontier.com/go/education/labpack