dvGarage has released dpMatte, a greenscreen keyer for Apple's Aperture 2.1. Based on technology used in dvGarage's existing keyer, dvMatte, the new background replacement tool is the first plug-in to be released using Aperture’s brand new SDK.

dpMatte uses Apple's SDK for Aperture, which allows developers to use existing Cocoa tools to develop full-featured applications inside of Aperture's existing framework.

"One of the things we really focused on was ease of use," explained dvGarage vice president, Christopher Marler. "dpMatte allows non-technical artists to quickly and easily remove greenscreens and place their subjects into new environments."

dpMatte is designed to easily remove green and blue backgrounds used in film and still photography in order to composite subjects into new backgrounds. Still photographers use this kind of technology to add backdrops in post rather than commit to a specific backdrop while shooting. Backgrounds can range from simple colors to photographs to complex 3D backgrounds.

"Putting our existing technology into Aperture was surprisingly easy," noted plug-in developer Ben Syverson. "I think Aperture is going to be a great platform for us and we’re already planning the next round of development."

dvGarage is also working on an HDR plug-in called HDRToner for Aperture as well as porting their nodal compositor Conduit to the application.

dpMatte is available for download from the dvGarage Web site for US$69 (around £35), but it is on sale for $49 (£25) until May 3.