dvGarage, the QuickTime-only site dedicated to "building the next generation of visual media artists", and Electric Image, the company behind such products as Universe and Amorphium Pro, have announced a new trial version of the 3D Toolkit. The 3D Toolkit is made up of five parts: the tools; an overview; basic tutorials; advanced tutorial; and bonus materials. The tools include an animation system (essentially Electric Image 2.9.2) and a modeller. Each application will have a 20-minute overview. Electric Image was chosen because it's relatively straightforward to learn and has a lot of power under the hood, Lindsay said. This new version includes Electric Image Universe: 3D Toolkit Version that saves and renders, without watermarks, for 30 days. In order to train users quickly, the trial version also includes 11 of dvGarage's visual training lessons. These tutorials are designed to get users familiar with important aspects of 3D within days, according to Alex Lindsay, dvGarage founder and a former member of Industrial Light and Magic's Rebel Mac Unit. Aimed at 2D, video and film professionals, the 3D Toolkit includes over 20 tutorials and the Electric Image Universe: 3D Toolkit Version for $199. However, it's not just targeted to professionals. At $199, it's also aimed at fan filmakers and indy moviemakers who need computer graphics for their film work, Lindsay says. He said the product has been used in over 40 films, including Star Wars: Episode I, Star Trek: First Contact, and The Mask. The new trial version of the 3D Toolkit is compatible with Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X. You can download it from the dvGarage, Electric Image or The Force.net, one of the largest Star Wars fan sites (and big fans of the product).