JVC has announced two new professional-level DV cameras that push the boundaries of still-image capture from video units. The GR-DV2000 and GR-DV1800 Trojan series can capture stills at up 1,600-x-1,200 (equivalent to 1.92 megapixel camera) – as well as PAL resolution DV video. The two models are essentially the same, with the DV2000 including both DV-in and -out, while the DV1800 includes only DV-out. Central to the cameras is a high-resolution, 800,000-pixel progressive CCD. This records every single frame in its entirety, unlike cheaper interlaced-CCD cameras that only capture alternate lines for each frame. This works with a high-band processor that restores the high-band components of the luminance signal that are lost in conventional processing and a progressive colour filter that generates a pure signal that boosts the vertical resolution to the PAL standard of 576 lines. Capturing of still images up to 1,600-x-1,200 is performed using an AIS (Accurate Image Shift lens) that takes two stills in rapid succession. Each still is slightly offset from the other, and the camera uses this information to interpolate the hi-res image. The two cameras also feature two multi-coated aspheric lenses for reducing ghosts and flares, two independent optical low-pass filters, a manual focus ring and a hot shoe for a number of accessories including a video flash, an auto light and a zoom microphone. As well as a DV terminal the cameras also offer analogue input/output ports (output only on the DV1800) and a slot for a SD Memory Card or MultiMediaCard (for still images). A USB terminal can also be used to download still images to a Windows or Mac PC – and a high-speed printer interface allows the camera to connect directly to a JVC digital printer.