Canon has introduced a new DV camcorder – the MVX2i DV – that boasts a variety of video and still options. There are four recording modes: DV; 1.33-megapixel High Resolution Photo (suitable for printing); Motion-JPEG (MJPEG); and Digital Photo (suitable for email and Web site placement). The new camcorder can be directly connected to some Canon photo printers, including the CP10 (for wallet size photos) and CP100 (for 4-x-6-inch prints), and Bubble Jet-Direct photo printers S820D, S830D and S530D, Canon claims. The camcorder attaches via a USB cable. The MVX2i incorporates a Canon high-precision 10X optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilization, said Yukiaki Hashimoto, the vice president and general manager of Canon’s Photographic Products Group. The DV camcorder supports the new Exif Print (Exif 2.2) standard used in Canon digital cameras. At the time the photo is being captured, exposure settings and image-scene data is recorded on the memory card. This ensures optimal image quality when printing on an Exif compatible printer, Hashimoto said. Processing
Because TV and Video monitors have different characteristics than computer monitors and printed photographs, the MVX2i uses two separate processing techniques, designed to satisfy the specific colour and brightness requirements of each. The camcorder is equipped with a 1.33-megapixel CCD image sensor to capture digital photos at 1280-x-960-pixel resolution. In this mode, images are stored on a Secure Digital (SD) or Multimedia (MMC) card. In addition to capturing digital photos with an SD or MMC card, users can also capture more than 700 VGA (640-x-480-pixel) digital photos on a single DV cassette. Both video and digital photos can be captured together on the same cassette for greater creative flexibility, Canon says. The MVX2i can also capture a series of photos in rapid succession, similar to a motor-drive on a 35mm SLR camera. It can capture up to 30 images at 3 frames per second (standard resolution), or 10 images at 2 frames per second (high resolution). The built-in flash matches the frame-rate. Night mode lets users see and shoot colour video without turning the lights on by providing a colour image of subjects in low-light conditions, Canon claims. In Super Night mode, a white LED lights from the camera, helping to illuminate the subject. The light can also be used with the MVX2i’s red-eye reduction lamp. The MVX2i also offers users the option of manually controlling focus. The MVX2i can be set to customize a number of features, including start-up sounds and images, self-timer, shutter, and more.