LA-based studio Duck Studios (formerly Duck Soup Studios) has just completed four spots singing the praises of Wienerschnitzel hot dogs, showing the awkward situations that a hot dog craving can get you into.

The laugh-out-loud spots blend live-action actors with a CG hot dog; live action was directed by Docter Twins, and the animation was directed by Lane Jan (Lane Nakamura and Jan Chen). The ads see the return of the chain's animated mascot, The Delicious One (TDO).

"The spots were really fun to make!" said Docter Twins. "The agency had a clear vision of what they wanted, and everyone at DUCK was very supportive in helping us guide that vision. Working with Lane Jan was a pleasure. We are extremely excited have DUCK's amazing resources at our fingertips. It opens up endless creative possibilities."

"The Wienerschnitzel spots are hysterical!" exclaimed Mark Medernach, Executive Producer at DUCK. "Docter Twins and Lane Jan worked really hard, and we are very happy with the results. It was a total team effort. The spots are a fantastic blend of live-action environments and an unmistakably original animated character, TDO. Made entirely in-house, the campaign reflects the versatility of services we offer here at DUCK."

The spot's situations include a meeting between an employee (albeit one who resembles a hot dog) with an HR manager. The employee complains about inappropriate advances from his colleagues, while a racket from outside proves to be two hungry colleagues taunting the hot dog/employee.

Another spot, Gotcha, features a frantic chase through university corridors as a student chases a hot dog. The hot dog runs into a bedroom, and the student follows him in. As the hot dog dives under the quilt on a bed, she's not about to quit, and grabs under the quilt, surprising a male student who's asleep in the bed. Watch the spot here.

Blubber features a group of eskimos who realize they're tired of eating blubber and discover a craving for Wienerschnitzel. The final spot, Predator, spoofs a US show that entraps sex offenders, showing a young man who's clearly been lured to a house with the promise of wiener action, only to be busted by a camera crew, who prove that he's only there for the hot dog by ripping open his backpack, which is full of mustard and ketchup.