Automatic Duck and Red Giant Software announced today that the two companies have partnered to bridge the colour correction workflow gap between Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.

As result of this technology collaboration, Final Cut Pro users now have the option to use Automatic Duck’s timeline translation tools to export all color correction work completed with Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Colorista directly to After Effects with all settings intact.

"Red Giant Software develops must-have visual effects and colour correction plug-ins and has quickly become a staple in the toolboxes of Automatic Duck customers," said Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck. "It became very clear to us that customers needed a more compelling solution to help them bridge the color correction workflow gap between Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Our collaboration with Red Giant Software to help Colorista users easily move between Final Cut and After Effects while maintaining stunning image quality adds significant value to customers’ workflow experience, and that’s a big win for users."

"Automatic Duck makes a great solution for creating a complete Final Cut Pro to After Effects finish possible," added Sean Safreed, co-founder of Red Giant Software. "Finally Magic Bullet Colorista users have the ability to take a complete color correction including isolated masks and exposure adjustments and move them into After Effects. The release of our updated Magic Bullet Colorista 1.0.1 and Pro Import AE 4.0 from Automatic Duck makes the highest quality finish possible with full 32-bit float RGB processing and accurate 10-bit RGB 4:4:4 output in After Effects. This combination is really the missing link for a lot of post users that rely on Final Cut Pro and After Effects."

This collaboration marks the first time that the Magic Bullet Colorista colour correction plug-in can be used as the main color correction tool in Final Cut Pro. Coupled with Automatic Duck, all settings and color correction work can be seamlessly moved to an After Effects timeline. For users, this also means that moving to After Effects allows higher quality 10-bit or higher RGB finishing, as Final Cut Pro only handles 8-bit RGB rendering. Users moving content from Final Cut Pro to After Effects can also maintain full quality for finishing with Black Magic, Aja or Cineform 10-bit RGB SD, HD or 2k media.

Pro Import AE 4.0 costs $495 (around £250). Users of Pro Import AE 3.0 can upgrade for $195 per license (£99). Magic Bullet Colorista costs $199 (around £99).