Printer/plotter software developer Microspot has released Microspot X-RIP Direct Connection 1.1, the latest version of its professional-level large-format printer driver for Mac OS X. X-RIP 1.1 is designed to provide output for large-format printers for CAD, design and other purposes. The new version gains features including improved speed, thanks to a new multithreaded raster imaging processing (RIP) engine that’s optimized for dual-processor Macs, Microspot claims. X-RIP 1.1 also introduces “Virtual Printer” support. This lets users set up any printer supported by the driver, and have the output files saved to a folder. It now includes Print Sender and the AppleTalk Printer Tool, so users can print over a network, the company says. Support for legacy printers has also been improved in Microspot X-RIP 1.1, with the addition of unidirectional USB support. Microspot X-RIP Direct Connection 1.1 requires Mac OS X 10.1.5; 256MB RAM; and a Power Mac G3 or better. Microspot noted that this update is specific to Mac OS X 10.1.5. The company will be offering a free upgrade to the next version for Mac OS X 10.2. X-RIP Direct Connection 1.1 costs £299 plus VAT.