DTP Tools has released the Layer Comps plug-in for InDesign CS to CS3.

Layer Comps provide a convenient way to store a snapshot of certain key aspects of documents layers. A simple click in the palette lets users name and save current views of layer visibility and editing state as a Layer Comp. Users can create as many as the like, without substantially expanding the file size, according to DTP Tools.

The Layer Comps plug-in is a response to many feature request placed by InDesign users who use this feature in Photoshop and miss it in InDesign, according to DTP Tools. Layer Comps plug-in is sold separately and as a part of Layer Tools bundle, which also contains Layer Groups plug-in. The Layer Groups plug-in was also updated today.

Layer Comps allows users to save different settings of layer visibility, lock state, order, printability, guide visibility and lock state. Comps can be also exported into all formats supported by InDesign. You can export a single comp into .inx as a snapshot or multiple comps into .pdf to show your clients layout alternatives.

All documents created with the Layer Comps can still be opened and edited without this plug-in. The layer settings will remain the same.

A single license price is $29 (£14). The Layer Tools bundle is priced at $49 (£24).