Out of Print is a fairly popular US-based clothing line that reprints iconic book covers onto T-shirts and iPhone cases, all while leading a humanitarian mission to bring books to Africa. Now the entrepreneurial company wants to break into the iPad, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire case business.

Unlike every other tablet case that wants your device to look like a plastic binder or a pleather-bound book, Out of Print’s cases are made to look and feel like a real vintage book.

The exterior of the case features iconic cover art from The Great Gatsby, A Clockwork Orange, Moby Dick, and other literary classics. The art is printed onto book cloth that’s wrapped onto book board, so it’s as durable as a hardcover book. Meanwhile, the cradle that holds your iPad or Kindle Fire is made out of rubber and has all the appropriate gaps for the charging cable and physical buttons.

Currently, Out of Print is looking to garner enough preorders on Kickstarter to make its new business venture a reality. You can reserve a Kindle Fire jacket of your choice for $40 (£25) while an iPad case will run you $45 (£29).