AutoFX Software has announced the release of DreamSuite Series Two, a collection of 12 new visual effects that work with various imaging applications including Corel Photo-Paint and Adobe Photoshop. DreamSuite works both as a standalone application and as a Photoshop-compatible plug-in. It sports resolution-independent effects, "memory dots" that allow you to click and capture a look, unlimited light sources and shadows, support for Photoshop Actions, Last Filter Command and Layer Transparency and much more. The new collection includes the following effects: 2 Frame; 4x5 Frame; FilmGrain; Film Frame Art; Film Strip; Mesh; PhotoPress; PhotoStrips; PlasticWrap; Puzzle Pieces; Tile; and Wrinkle. The new suite of effects is aimed at graphic designers, Web designers, digital artists and users of image editing programs that are looking for new ways to enhance photos on their computers, according to AutoFX founder and CEO Cliff Weems. "These visual solutions are what our customers have been asking for," he said. DreamSuite Series Two works with Mac OS 8.5 or higher, and works natively on Mac OS X. It also is optimized for G4s and supports dual-processor systems. DreamSuite Series Two costs $149 (around £100) and is available as a download from the AutoFX Web site or as a CD-ROM. The available version has been localized for English, with German, Spanish, French and Italian versions coming next month.