If you aren't addicted to Draw Something right now you are probably in a minority. We were trying to go cold turkey, but the developer has just announced an update to the doodling game.

Now you can more easily mock or applaud your friends’ artwork in Draw Something. The update to the hugely popular pictionary-style game released on both iOS and Android introduced several much-requested features, including an in-game chat option, the ability to share your drawings, and an undo feature.

Created using Draw Something by Robert Reed, creator of that mindblowingly-great pencil-drawn cover of Stylist magazine with Helen Mirren that you retweed last year.

Draw Something’s implementation of each of the new features is a bit unusual. The new chat option doesn’t mirror in-game chat screens in games like Words With Friends. Rather, you only post comments on completed drawings, either after you finish doodling or your friend finishes guessing; messages show up during in-game interstitials as floating speech bubbles.

The sharing feature lets you share your finished drawings with the world via Facebook or Twitter, or save them to your devicel. You can’t save your friends’ drawings, unless you fall back to taking a screenshot of their creations.

Anyone who’s ever drawn on a touchscreen device craves Undo from time to time, and Draw Something adds it in the latest update. But unlike many other drawing apps, Draw Something offers a mere single level of undo; you can revert the last line you added, but nothing more.

Draw Something remains available in free and 69p editions — though Zynga paid $200 million for it.