Travelling art exhibit DRAW is pitching up at this year's South by Southwest (SXSW) film, interactive and music festival in Austin, Texas. The event is hosted by animation community site

The DRAW exhibit will feature works from world-class animation artists, influential musicians, graffiti artists, tattooists, pop artists, fashion designers, skaters and comic book legends. DRAW is a tribute to the often-underrated yet fundamental building-block of visual and graphic art, the drawing, says MyToons Director of Animation, Rusty Millns.

"In today’s digital world, we often forget that animations and graphics are rooted in the historic art of the basic drawing," said the five-time Emmy award-winning animator. "As a supporter of all artistic ventures, recognizes DRAW as the perfect outlet to bring us back to the root of pure and raw art; not to mention a great opportunity to see works from so many creative visionaries all in one place."

DRAW’s stop at SXSW will feature original works by over 150 world-class vanguard artists including Mills, HR Giger, Clive Barker, Moby, Barry McGee, KAWS and Ron English. has additionally extended an invitation to local animation artists for the opportunity to feature their work amongst these renowned artists.

The DRAW exhibit is at Gallery Lombardii and is free and open to the public.