dpsReality adds tools for Premiere

DPS has announced that it is shipping dpsReality plug-ins for Adobe Premiere. The plug-ins allow users of the editing tool to access the realtime 2D and 3D effects routines contained in the SDDR (studio digital disk recorder), The plug-ins give direct access to the dpsReality drive so users can work with .dva and .dps audio/video files, Power CG titles, and uncompressed video. These can be manipulated in realtime using fades, filters, over 200 customizable DPS wipes and over 80 3D transistions (if the dpsReality includes the V3DX module). New dialog boxes have been added to Premiere to control the contents of the SDDR, using dpsReality’s VTFS (virtual tape file system) to work with many different formats at once.

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