DoubleSight Displays this week announced its new DS-1500 flat panel display. The display fuses two 15-inch LCD panels into one frame, providing a total 2,048-x-768 pixel resolution that's controlled through two independent analog video connectors. DoubleSight is accepting pre-orders for the display now, and will charge $799 (around £530) for the monitor once it begins shipping in the next few weeks. The monitor is compatible with Macs and PCs, though you'll need a computer that has two analog video (15-pin D-sub) connectors (Power Macs that have DVI or ADC interfaces can be connected using adaptors). Because the display is drawing input from two separate VGA sources, you could hook it up to two independent computers. Each screen operates at 1,024-x-768 resolution at 75Hz. The screens have a brightness rating of 250cd/m(2) and a 400:1 contrast ratio, with a response time of 25ms. The display has a 130-degree horizontal and 100-degree vertical viewing angle, and can tilt 45 degrees off its horizontal access and 20 degrees vertically. You can remove the tilt-and-swivel stand and use a VESA-compatible mount, or bolt the display to a wall. The DS-1500 uses a single power cord. DoubleSight is aiming the DS-1500 as musicians, gamers, and anyone looking for two monitors in one. DoubleSight said that the first production units of the DS-1500 should be shipping in the next few weeks – for now, they've set up a pre-order request form on their Web site. The company expects to be in full production on the system by early January.