Boris FX 5.0, new from the eponymous company, will be the first to be available in two versions aimed at "entry level" and "seasoned professionals" respectively. Also added in the new version of the video effects package, which is designed to integrate straight into NLE packages such as Premiere and Speed Razor, are features such as 3D text and an Effects Library browser. Keyframing has also been improved. FX 5.0 Standard includes features for 3D text, colour correction and an over 400 strong effects library – but leaves out advanced DVEs and effects such as realistic motion blur and displacement mapping, which are only found in the Professional version. In doing this, Boris FX hopes to open its packages up to lower-end users, who have neither the need for such effects or the money to pay for them. It also create a three tier FX system – from FX 5.0 Standard at the bottom, through FX 5.0 Professional and peaking at the high-end with Boris RED. New in FX 5.0 Standard is the 3D text feature, which includes video texture mapping, and the Effects Library Browser, which allows users to preview pre-saved effect settings. Integration with NLE packages has also been upgraded – and now includes Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid Xpress DV and Incite. Other new features only found in the Professional version include the animation motion blur, 3D image shattering particles with customizable shapes (improving explosions) and independent Gel images for re-lighting layers dynamically. Also, more natural and realistic compositing should be possible through the use of applied modes, and keying should be cleaner with new choke, blur and combined mattes. Boris FX 5.0 runs on both PC and Mac, and costs around £300 for the standard version and £600 for professional.