Discreet has releases gmax – a free 3D content creation tool that allows game players to create, customize, and exchange their own game content online. This sees players in control of the environment they want to play in, the characters they want to be, even the vehicles and weapons they want to command. Discreet-approved game developers can publish gmax 'game packs' for their games titles that customize the downloadable version of gmax into a fully functional editor for supported game titles. Loading a particular gmax game pack with gmax will let users edit and customize content for the supported game. gmax has a subset of features from Discreet 3DS Max 4, including polygon and patch modelling, as well as texturing, character building tools, lighting, and simple keyframe animation. Users cannot render with, or write plug-ins for the free version of gmax. Features of gmax include support for Discreet's 3DS Max scripting language MAXScript; modelling tools for splines, polygons, polygonal mesh, and bézier patches; a polygon modeller with smoothing groups, mapping channels, vertex colours and custom face data; advanced spline-based patch modelling and patch surface modifiers. Basic character creation tools include a two-limb animation solver, bones system and skinning Discreet gmax also includes texture mapping features, and multiple keyframe animation tools to help users create realistic animation. Available for Windows 98/2000, gmax can be downloaded from Discreet's Web site along with tutorials and help files.