Directors unite for Bright Eyes music videos

Polydor Records has commissioned five directors from around the world to create videos for folky indie act Bright Eyes. Asako Masunouchi, Andreas Nilsson, Alex Turvey, Lorenzo Fonda and David Blanco Best have directed spots for tracks off the band's new album Cassadaga.

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I Must Belong Somewhere

"It was the longest animation I’ve ever made," says director Asako Masunouchi. "I chose this song to make because its lyrics evoked my imagination a lot. I looked at objects in my room and wondered where they belong to and how they feel about it. I enjoyed this process."

Asako Masunouchi has been a freelance illustrator and animator since 2005 when she was graduated from University of Brighton with BA (Hons) Illustration. Her works vary from pure illustrations to animations. She is based in Japan and mainly works on magazines, books, CD jackets etc. Also her network extends towards Europe (UK, France, Greece) Her clients include Wallpaper*, Penguin Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, Kodansha, Kadokawa magazines and more.

She is interested in a little nostalgic, humorous, and sometimes melancholic elements hidden in everyday life.


This video by Andreas Nilsson speaks about UFO-lore, mythology and is a story about some sort of a journey, inner and outer. It takes place in both the Nazca fields in Peru aswell as inside the mind of a shadowy obscure priest. Its narrative is kept unarticulated.

"The Nazca fields is one of these areas where ufo freaks travels in order to get a chance to see a ufo," says Nilsson. "My heart bleeds for these people. And everyone else that's in a desperate search of a extra parent in form of a golden calf."

Andreas Nilsson is an artist and director born in the forest of Småland, Sweden. Graduated with a MFA in 2000 from the art academy of Gothenburg. He works with different techniques, video, animation, sausage and hay. Andreas started out as a musicvideodirector in 2003 by doing the videos for his friends in the band The Knife. He is also the artist behind their visual concept for the Silent Shout tour. His other clients include Domino, Mute, Parlophone, Polydor and EMI.

Lime Tree

Created by the co-director of Elefant Art -- one of our top 10 new designers for 2007 -- Alex Turvey's Lime Tree is a melancholic tale of misguided romance, and unsynchronised emotions, It was inspired by the saying, ‘The eye finds, the heart chuyst, the hand binds, but death loosyth’. A beautifully obscure narrative is built entirely from collaged intricate shots, using only the hand, heart and eye as the focal point.

No One Would Riot For Less

"Almost immediately the song gave me this sense of sadness and melancholiness," says director Lorenzo Fonda, "and the lyrics talk about all these crude situations and apocalyptic scenarios, on which [Bright Eyes singer] Conor [Oberst] clearly wants to suggest that they are a result of man actions. For me, he depicted this world full of senseless injustice and violence, kind of like war is, so I created a story that tries to underline that, the senselessness and stupidity of our human behaviour, and the struggle of two persons that love each other to go through all this mess, in their private world, but they may risk the danger of being involved in this spiral of insanity.."

Fonda, a.k.a. cerber or gattocerber or cerberoleso, describes himself as "quite a happy youth, of seemingly strong moral principles, with a quirky young-skater attitude (he has been on a skateboard for 15 years). If you're lucky to have a long-distance friendship with him through some chat software, you'll be able to know most of the best he has to offer."

Soul singer in a session band

"My idea was to tell a story of a dove of peace," says director David Blano, "as he tries to travel and meet up with his fellow dove friends who await him on the other side of the world. I wanted to show his journey to be harsh and difficult reflecting our current political climate."

Charming screen printed illustrated elements were used to give the film a striking and timeless feel, the illustration is reminiscent of old anti war posters from the 60s and 70s, which were very informative and storytelling in nature.

"I used different shades of brown and orange to illustrate different parts of the narrative," says Blano, "and used soft shades of primary colours to emphasise the drama in a simple and effective way."

David S Blanco joined HSI London in 2004 as resident illustrator and animation director.

After graduating Central St Martins in 2000, Blano became art director for the clothing label Howies. He began his freelance career in early 2001 working for titles such as The Face, The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer and The Telegraph with regular contributions each month. Blano illustrates and designs posters, records sleeves and tee shirts for a large selection of independent record labels and clothing companies. He also has his own tee shirt label Fulman.

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