While most of the major digital camera manufacturers are trumpeting their forays into higher and higher megapixel ranges, Minolta are talking about value for money. The company’s new camera, the Dimâge 2300, offers a 2.3 million pixel CCD and an all glass lens with four aspheric surfaces – as well as many other powerful features – and sits in the sub £400 price range. The camera automatically controls exposure, white balance and flash (to improve picture quality) through a series of selectable modes. A digital zoom facility allows the recording of images at 1.4x, 2x – with captured images scalable up to 3x their original size using the built-in LCD monitor. As well as zoom capabilities, the lens can also work in macro-mode for close-up photography as close as 30cm. Included with the camera is a USB cable for image download at 12Mbps, driver software and MGI’s PhotoSuite SE photo manipulation software. Connection to computers without USB ports can also be made using a conventional RS232 cable to a serial port.