Minolta has announced its latest film scanner, the Dimage Scan Elite II. It can capture images from 35mm and Advanced Photo System film and costs £549.99 including VAT. The Scan Elite II captures images at up to 2,820 dpi using 16-bit A/D conversion. The scanner has a dynamic range of 4.8 and connects to Macs and Windows PCs over IEEE 1394 (FireWire). The scanner’s software runs as a Photoshop plug-in on the Mac, a TWAIN driver for Windows – with both allowing capturing through the bundled Photoshop Elements. As well as capture, it also gives access to the Digital ICE3 technology. First seen on Nikon’s CoolScan range, this includes Digital ICE for removing scratches and fingerprints, Digital ROC for reconstructing faded or badly exposed film, and Digital GEM for minimizing film grain.