Beleaguered office designers everywhere can rejoice. Now you can sit at your desk and catch an episode of Dilbert, starring the most beleaguered office employee of all time. You'll have to do it while the boss isn't looking, of course. In what the studio claims is a first, Columbia TriStar Interactive is posting an entire episode of an animated network television show on the Web. From February 17 through February 29, the Dilbert episode entitled "The Merger" is available in streaming video format for viewing with the Microsoft's Media Player. And even better, the episode - a spoof of giant corporate couplings that originally aired January 25 - will be commercial-free. Posting an episode of the popular animated series online is an experiment, says Lisa DeLucia, director of communications for Columbia TriStar Interactive. The studio hopes that the Web-based Dilbert will lure bigger audiences to the television broadcasts - particularly the February 22 episode featuring the voice of Jerry Seinfeld. Dilbert is based on the cartoon strip of the same name by Scott Adams. Both the show and the strip take place in a corporate office. Adams, one of the first cartoonists to disclose his email address in his strip, has said he receives thousands of comic-strip topic suggestions from real-life Dilberts. Columbia TriStar's television group produces the show, now in its second season. Currently, there are no plans to post additional Dilbert episodes online, DeLucia says. The Dilbert streaming video site also contains show outtakes selected by Adams.