DigitalScores has released 3D Matrix 2004, targeted at game developers and graphic designers starting out in 3D modeling. DigitalScores claims that 3D Matrix is an ideal gateway to other 3D modeling tools as it is easy to use and offers an extensive range of export functions.

New features include multiple step undo and redo and an XML-based open source file format, claims DigitalScores. The new version also boasts a flexible and memory efficient model design, mirrored polygon groups that can be skewed and distorted, new polygon optimization tools, and interface updates including a built-in web browser and help system.

The application runs under Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux. The full Standard Edition costs $299 (around £165), with a special academic price of $79 (£45). A free Lite Edition, limited by reduced polygon count, is available for download.