Digital-Tutors has released Interior Modeling Techniques with XSI -- the newest elements in an expanding library of interactive video-based training for emerging digital artists using the Softimage|XSI 6 3D suite.

Artists will learn a production workflow to interior set modelling and several modelling techniques that can be used for films, games, and architectural visualizations. Interior Modeling Techniques with XSI contains over six hours of project-based training developed to accelerate the artist's productivity and understanding of building complex scenes.

Highlights from 'Interior Modeling Techniques with XSI' include: establishing scale and measurement, edge loop splitting, enhancing edge details with bevels, optimizing geometry for lighting, merging polygon meshes, re-purposing geometry, polygon extrusion techniques, creating complex geometry with deformers, hard surface modeling techniques

The set also covers adding realism with randomization, breaking lines for visual aesthetics, strategically adding details, welding points and edges, selecting and manipulating component loops, complex scene management, and additional lessons developed to teach artists interior modelling techniques using XSI.