Digital-Tutorshas released Introduction to Photoshop CS3 -- its latest interactive training set for digital artists using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Introduction to Photoshop CS3 provides six hours of project-based training and teaches artists a non-destructive workflow to image editing in Photoshop CS3 and time-saving techniques to help artists finish projects with less time and greater creativity - across Print, Web, Multimedia, and Design.

"Photoshop is considered an industry-standard tool, which can make learning the new features, tools, and workflows often intimidating for artists entering the industry," said Tony McMillan, Motion Graphics Designer at Digital-Tutors. "Digital-Tutors is happy to make learning robust software such as Photoshop CS3 less difficult with a series of intuitive projects developed to increase the viewer's understanding of the software and how to use the tools to achieve the results they seek with as little time as possible. This latest release is great for those new to Photoshop CS3 and also experienced artists upgrading to the latest version," added McMillan.

The set covers areas such as a tool and palette overviews, workflows for Print, Web, and Design, utilizing a non-destructive workflow, managing multi-layer documents, creating effects, restoring photographs, enhancing photographs, colour adjustments and correction, utilizing automation scripts, creating actions, building Web galleries, using the new Photomerge, using Bridge, working with camera Raw images, compressing images for web, working with Smart Objects and Smart Filters, importing Adobe Illustrator files, bonus lessons for Photoshop CS3 Extended, and additional lessons developed to increase the users 's understanding of Photoshop CS3.

The set costs $55.99 (around £28).