Video-based training company Digital-Tutors, which specializes in training videos in animation and 3D, has released 'Modeling Next-Gen Characters in Maya'.

Containing over five hours of tutorials, the release is aimed at video games designers, and offers designers a self-guided way to learn how to produce clean topology working within a customizable workflow, for use in next-generation game engines. It is available on DVD or downloadable from the Digital-Tutors Web site.

"When developing ‘Modeling Next-Gen Characters in Maya’ we were fortunate enough to collaborate with leading artists at Ubisoft and Blitz Games, allowing us to emphasize workflow, techniques, and topics that are often difficult to learn and heavily used in game development," said Kyle Green, Director of Curriculum Development at Digital-Tutors. "Through working with these highly respected studios, we are able to help artists stay ahead of the learning curve and create a viable series of solutions for a growing industry," added Green.

‘Modeling Next-Gen Characters in Maya’ includes tutorials on: blocking-in form, primitive modeling, adding muscle definition, modelling in symmetry, working within polygon budgets, checking silhouettes for appeal, critiquing models with paint-overs, strategically adding detail, creating the illusion of detail, building to reference art, checking models at multiple scales, simplifying shapes, working with multiple pieces, and quickly adding geometry with bridge tool.