Digital-Tutors, which provides software-training packages, has announced the release of a new program, Introduction to Animation in Maya. The package, priced at $45.99 (£23.40), contains five hours of training.

"It's common for new artists to jump right in and expect to animate what they've just seen in a film or game," said Sunder Iyer of Digital-Tutors. "In order for artists to progress, they must grasp the fundamentals and how to utilize the tools available to them. “'Introduction to Animation in Maya' provides a foundation for animators to build upon and grow from - ultimately allowing them to focus more on their craft and not simply the tools."

Features include an overview of animation tools, ghosting animation, exploring various cycle options, editing keys, and outputting animation for preview, among others. The package is intended as a starting point for artists wanting to progress into animation, or as a refresher course for more experienced animators.