Digital-Tutors has released mental ray Workflows in Maya: Final Gather – the third release in its series of training highlighting popular features such as caustics and global illumination for artists using mental ray and Maya.

mental ray Workflows in Maya: Final Gather provides over five hours of project-based training for experienced artists learning to create realistic soft shadows and diffused lighting. It offers production-applicable solutions for final gathering and time-saving rendering techniques that can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Highlights from mental ray Workflows in Maya: Final Gather include: final gather overview, scene management, controlling number of final gather points, controlling the number of rays cast by final gather points, controlling final gather intensity, altering final gather falloff rates, final gather diagnostics, using Map Visualizer to view final gather points inside viewport, storing and re-using final gather point data, final gather filter size, adding secondary diffuse bounces, final gather trace depth with transparent surfaces, final gather overrides on objects, controlling material interaction with final gather, practical lighting exercises, and additional lessons developed to teach artists final gather.

mental ray Workflows in Maya: Final Gather costs $59.99.