Digital-Tutors has released Dynamic Simulations with RealFlow4 - the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using RealFlow4, the 3D industry's leading physical simulation tool for dynamic simulations and realistic fluid effects.

Dynamic Simulations with RealFlow4 provides over three hours of project-based training, techniques for creating realistic simulations and interactions, and step-by-step approach to learning creative uses for RealFlow4. A complimentary trial version of RealFlow4 is included with Dynamic Simulations with RealFlow4 -- allowing artists immediate access to explore the software and utilize training.

Highlights from Dynamic Simulations with RealFlow4 include: overview of Real Impact System, Dynamic Motion, simulation scales, understanding the importance of mass, density, and volume, collision primitives, Pairs and Stacking Solver, initial states, initial velocity and rotation, adaptive and fixed steps, importing dynamics, animation driven simulation, RF Python scripting, liquid simulations, buoyancy effects and floating rigid bodies, overview of all constraints, breakable at force, utilizing constraints for vehicle setups, Create Array, Measure Tool, and additional lessons developed to teach artists organic modelling techniques in Maya.

Dynamic Simulations with RealFlow4 costs $69.99 (around £34).