Digital-Tutors has released Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya – the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Autodesk Maya.

Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya provides seven hours of project-based training and guides artists through a production workflow to creating 3D cartoon characters, look development, and time-saving techniques for modelling, UV layout, texturing, and shader assembly.

Highlights from Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya include look development, adding appeal, exaggerated proportions, adhering to art direction, organic modelling techniques, adding detail strategically, creating useful topology, modelling for animation, simplifying shapes, working from limited references, troubleshooting edge flow, working with multiple pieces, working with multiple geometry types, creating the illusion of detail, UV layout, creating stylized textures, generating colour maps, generating bump maps, generating specular maps, alternative methods to generating textures, and shader and material setup, and additional lessons developed to teach artists modeling and texturing techniques in Maya.

The set is designed for use with Maya 8 and higher - though Maya 2008 is required to use the included project files. It costs $59.99 (around £41).

A sample lesson can be viewed here.