Digital Anarchy has released the version 1.1 update for its ToonIt! plug-ins. Version 1.1 speeds up the rendering of ToonIt! by taking advantage of multi-processors. This allows users to quickly render cartoon-like images from film and video footage. The filters use advanced algorithms from Toonamation to create flat shades of colour with full control over details like outlines, shading styles and halftone effects.

The ToonIt! 1.1 update adds a few new features, bug fixes, and speeds up rendering time by taking advantage of multi-processor machines. Digital Anarchy says that ToonIt! 1.1 renders 70-90 per cent faster than version 1.0.2 and over 300 per cent faster when using After Effects CS3 and a quad-core machine. SSD footage takes about one second per frame using After Effects CS3 and a quad-core computer.

With these four plugins, artists can customize the ‘toon’ effect with styles like Flat Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Line Art, and Pen & Ink. One of the main features of ToonIt! is its ability to create a smooth animation over time with very little jitter and minimal temporal artefacts.

ToonIt! Film/Video is priced at US$299 (£235), with ToonIt! Avid costing $295 (£232). Both products are on sale for $259 (£204) through June 15, 2008.

ToonIt! Film/Video works in After Effects 5.5 and higher (including AE CS3), Final Cut Pro 4.5 and higher, Motion 2.1 and higher, and Premiere Pro 2.0 and higher. ToonIt! Avid works in Avid host applications that support the AVX1 and AVX2 standards.