Digit magazine is hosting the Digit Creative Conference 2001, with the very best 3D, video, multimedia and Web innovators together for an extra-special digital creative arts conference – and you need to be involved! DIGIT CREATIVE CONFERENCE 2001 October 19th - London INNOVATION IN DIGITAL ARTS Get the booking form today by sending an email to [email protected] and make sure you are a part of this groundbreaking conference! HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE > Shawn Hardin, co-founder and former executive vice president of NBCi
> Ronald B Moore, Visual Effects Supervisor, Star Trek Enterprise
> Michael Brockhoff, television producer for Reality Television
> Extensive conference sessions covering Web, 3D, multimedia, and video
> Exhaustive examinations of the tools and techniques you need today!
> Luxury hotel accommodation, industry dinner, and guest speaker
Digit, the leading source of information, evaluation and inspiration for the pioneers of the digital arts is staging a top-level one-day seminar exploring the latest tools and techniques being used to push the boundaries of digital content. Come and hear the leading pioneers talk about how they are using computers to break new ground in print, Web and video production, creating grander visions for their audiences, quicker and less expensively than ever before. SPEAKER HIGHLIGHTS > Shawn Hardin, co-founder and former executive vice president of NBCi. Independent filmmaker, and founding member of the American Film Institute, Shawn is one of the pioneers of interactive television and the creator of the definitive television companion site, NBCi. Shawn has worked as a cinematographer, editor, producer and director on more than 70 film and video productions with companies such as MTV, Columbia Tristar, 20th Century Fox, and Turner Pictures. > Ronald B Moore, Visual Effects Supervisor, Star Trek Enterprise Starting his career in the motion picture industry in 1978, Ron Moore has dedicated himself to creating visual effects. He has contributed to many features such as GHOSTBUSTERS, STAR TREK GENERATIONS and 2010. His work on Star Trek started with the Next Generation series, and has run through the new series, Enterprise, which Ron is currently working on and will be showing as part of his presentation. > Michael Brockhoff, television producer for Reality Television Michael Brockhoff is a producer with over 55 hours of reality television under his belt. For the Discovery Channel, he produced Area 51: The Real Story and CyberLife, a nightly magazine show and series of specials for which he received a CableAce Nomination. In 1999, The New York Festivals awarded the Grand Award: Best News Program to Unit 731: Nightmare in Manchuria. CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS >Pushing the envelope in Web, special effects and video post-production Broadband Web sites are displacing costly online editing systems and CGI bureaus with computer-based video editing, post-shoot compositing, and companion Web sites. Hear how experts in each of these areas are building more compelling experiences for their audiences, what has worked, and what hasn't, in their pioneering efforts. >The digital agency It's true: Some of the most entertaining content in print, on television and on the Web are not the shows and editorial, but the ads. Learn how the New Wave of advertising agencies are exploiting new technologies to create some of the most compelling brand advertising. >Photo finish The digital arts are about more than just producing cool web sites and great video, they're also dramatically changing one of the oldest medias of visual expression: photography. Using tools like Photoshop, photographers are getting out of the lab and into the computer, creating bold new visions in 2D expression. > Web envy — creating brilliant Web sites on a budget In today's market, it's not enough to have a great idea and a copy of Dreamweaver to survive. You have to compete creatively to get noticed. Our panel of experts talk about the four key principals — logical navigation, intelligent information architecture, intuitive user experience, and community interaction — you can use to create a compelling Web site that will get your content noticed. >The Digit editors present: the new tool review The editors of Digit magazine present the latest and greatest tools for the digital arts, talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each, and pick their favourites for 3D, print, Web and video production. >Publish or perish: content management systems Come hear experts talk about three ways to get your content online, from the no-thrills custom solutions to behemoth publishing systems that do everything, from dynamic index to eCommerce connections. This conference is designed for you, and you need to be there! Drop an email now to [email protected] and we will send you the booking form by return. Reply now to make sure of your place!