Matrox has announced the Digisuite LX, its latest addition to the company’s line of professional board-&-software video editing solutions. The LX combines native support for DV and MPEG-2 with the widely-used technology of the Digisuite board. The basic model includes the LX board, Premiere, Inscriber CG, Boris FX and DVDit! SE. Its feature set includes two channels of 2D DVE and YUV colour correction, independent transparency control on all layers, 32-bit animated graphics, two advanced keyers and a wipe/tile generator. Optional modules include an SDI and AES/EBU module and the MAX option, which adds realtime 3D DVEs and realtime DV and MPEG-2 output. The Digisuite LX has a base price of £2,850 plus VAT. The SDI and AES/EBU option costs £1,395 plus VAT and the Max option costs $2,495 (around £1,800). Official UK pricing for the Max option has not yet been announced. Matrox has also announced pricing for the RTMac, the Mac editing card that uses Final Cut Pro. Available in the next few months, it will cost £669 plus VAT.