Digieffects has started shipping Simulate: Camera, an After Effects plug-in set offering a specialized collection of effects for mimicking camera and projection artifacts. It supports After Effects CS4.

Simulate: Camera includes Archive, a straightforward 'film degradation/contamination' type effect; Overexpose, a way to add a sense of dynamic to otherwise stable and predictable footage; and Destabilize, an effect that is useful for emulating a practical camera shake.

As with all of Digieffects' Simulate range, the plug-in set includes the Randomizer and reusable presets. The Randomizer is part of the Digieffects custom User Interface. When clicked, multiple parameters within the interface will simultaneously adjust causing completely new results. Once a user sees a look they like, they can use
that as a starting point and manually tweak the parameters to achieve a specific effect.

Simulate: Camera costs US$99 (£66).