Delirium from DigiEffects is a set of plug-ins for Adobe After Effects that includes over 46 separate tools to make your video and motion graphics work stand out from the crowd. With Delirium you can create natural phenomemon such as lightning, snow storms with flakes that fall naturally on logos or images, or generate impressive particle-based fire and smoke. Using the Tilt 3D plug-ins, 3D objects can be imported directly into the timeline and camera, lighting and positional tools applied before being rendered as a QuickDraw 3D model. Also included is a strong collection of production tools such as Lens Flares, Grids, Telecine-style Framing Gradients, a Gradient Creator and Regional Blurs. Each plug-in comes with a wide selection of presets and feature interfaces that can be customized for even greater control. Priced at £460, Delirium is available for the Mac OS. A Windows version will be introduced later this year.