Digieffects has released Falloff Lighting, a plug-in that provides enhanced lighting for After Effects' built-in lights. The company says that Falloff Lighting is much more like that of the real world where light naturally decays or 'falls off' as surfaces increase distance from the After Effects light.

According to Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects, "Falloff Lighting is a great complement to After Effects' built-in
lighting system. With After Effects it doesn't matter how far away a layer is from a light, it is still illuminated the same
amount by that light. However, if you use Falloff Lighting, objects will appear dimmer the further away they are from the lights illuminating them."

The plug-in displays the distance from the camera to the corners of the layers. You can adjust the distance scale to account for the scale of objects in your scene, and control the intensity of light reflecting off an object and the gradual falloff as the distance from the light increases. All effects are rendered in 32bpc.

Falloff Lighting costs $49 (around £30).