Digieffects has released Simulate: Illuma, a plug-in package offering a specialized collection of effects plugins for creating light and glow effects.

Simulate: Illuma includes five effects: Halo, Lightracer, Radiance, Photogust and Luminus. Halo is an easy-to-use bloom/blur effect with colour channel control. Lightracer enhances visible light sources, particularly in
dark settings as well as providing options for creating unique image looks. Radiance adds a gentle glow with a set of tools including intensity and threshold for each individual colour channel.

Photogust provides fast and effective point-emanation blurs. Luminus is an advanced glow tool with lots of control including multiple effect blend modes.

All of the plug-ins include the Randomizer and effect presets. The Randomizer is part of the Digieffects custom user interface. When clicked, multiple parameters within the interface will simultaneously adjust causing completely new
results. Once the user sees a look they like, they can use that as a starting point and manually tweak the parameters to achieve a specific effect.

Simulate: Illuma costs US$99 (around £50). Digieffects says that Simulate: Illuma is the first the Simulate series of plug-in packages. Simulate: Camera and Simulate: Pyro are due to be released later this summer.