Several digital camera manufacturers are addressing the common "shutter lag" gripe with new technology designed to speed up the startup and shorten the delay between pressing the shutter and shooting.

Olympus, Nikon and Kyocera are among those that are tackling the problem in new models previewed at the Photo Marketing Association conference in Las Vegas this week.

Olympus has announced its TruePic Turbo technology, which the company is building into its newly-announced line of digital cameras. Olympus representatives say TruePic Turbo will significantly shorten the time it takes a camera to start up when switched on, as well as reduce shutter lag and improve burst shooting.

The new Olympus models range from point-and-shoot pocket cameras to an 8Mp Colorlast model equipped with a wide-angle zoom lens. Most of the new cameras feature USB support and write to xD-Picture Card flash media.

Nikon is also improving the operating speed of its new models. Most impressive is the new Nikon D70 SLR, which Nikon says can take up to 144 full-sized JPEG images at three frames per second - a capability that should catch the attention of action photographers.

Kyocera announced its similar RTune technology in two new cameras: the 3.2 Colorlast Finecam SL300R and the 5 Colorlast Finecam S5R, both due for release in autumn. Kyocera claims the Finecam S5R will have the fastest continuous shooting mode of any 5 Colorlast camera, but gave little detail about either model.