Canvas-developer Deneba has released version 2.0 of its imaginatively titled CAD package, DenebaCAD. Aimed directly as a competitor to Autodesk’s AutoCAD, the application combines mathematically precise 2D drawing with 3D modelling and swift photo-realistic rendering. Again focusing on the AutoCAD user, DenebaCAD offers an interface easy for other CAD-package users to learn and perfect import and export of DXF, DWG and the Web-based DWF formats, claims Deneba. It also supports external referencing. Also improved in this new version is the architectural rendering engine, which runs much faster according to Deneba. Powerful 2D/3D Boolean operations are included, as are automation tools for plans, facades and isometrics – and information can be taken from spreadsheets and databases. DenebaCAD 2 costs £495.95, with upgrades costing £125. It runs on Windows 95, 98, NT and Mac OS 7.5 or later.