Deneba Software has revealed that a Linux-based version of its graphics program, Canvas 7 is under development and that it will release a beta version next month, affording Linux users and developers the chance to experience advanced illustration features, Sprite technology, and graphics feature integration on the new platform. "Deneba has a lot in common with the Linux community," said Manny Menendez, president. "We've always been ahead of the curve, willing to move quickly to embrace new technologies and provide our customers with compelling alternative solutions. Likewise, Linux users are innovative, tech-savvy early adopters that really appreciate elegant, efficient solutions like Canvas 7. Now we're giving them their first real opportunity to experience state-of-the-art illustration and graphics software on their operating system of choice. And by the way, did I mention that it's for free?" Released last November, Canvas 7 is an illustration program that also provides image editing, Web design and page-layout capabilities, as well.