Dell has become the latest manufacturer to announce a workstation based around Intel’s Itanium chip, the first 64-bit processor from the manufacturer that was released in May at speeds of 733- and 800MHz. The Dell Precision Workstation 730 is aimed at the digital content creation and animation markets – as well as CAD, software development, financial analysis and geographic information systems. The workstation is able to run Linux and Microsoft’s Windows for Itanium, an interim release until the company releases the full version of Windows XP in October. The 64-bit chips allows applications to run theoretically twice as fast as they could under 32-bit chips such as Intel’s Pentium range and 32-bit operating systems such as Windows 98, Me, NT and 2000. The speed boost also relies applications being re-written to take advantage of the 64-bit set up, as otherwise they will run no faster than under a 733- or 800MHz Pentium chip The 730 comes with a single 733MHz Intel Itanium processor, 1GB or SDRAM, a Matrox Millennium G450 graphics card and a 18GB SCSI hard drive. A one year, next-business data onsite servicing contract is also included. The Dell Precision Workstation 730 is available currently from $7,999.