DeBabelizer Pro 5 for Mac OS X - professional software for automatically preparing images, animations, and digital video for delivery in a variety of media - is now available from the automated solutions experts at Equilibrium. Besides being Carbonized for the next generation operating system, DeBabelizer Pro 5 includes batch processing capabilities such as automated Web catalog publishing. As a native Mac OS X application, DeBabelizer Pro 5 leverages the strengths of the OS to process, optimize and convert still images and QuickTime movies faster than ever before, said Chris Samaniego, chief technology officer at Equilibrium. DeBabelizer Pro 5 automates hundreds of repetitive editing, optimization and file translation task, Samaniego said. With the hot folder feature, a digital artist can drag and drop an unlimited number of files into a pre-scripted folder for immediate batch processing. DeBabelizer Pro 5 is expandable with AppleScript, letting power users create custom workflows with QuickTime 5 and other AppleScript-able applications. DeBabelizer Pro 5 also has conditional scripting abilities and a batch automation feature. Web designers automatically create online catalogs with thumbnails, high-resolution JPEGs and associated HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code. The app's SuperPalette technology let artists create an optimized color palette for a series of images automatically. It boasts four dithering options, enhanced GIF and JPEG compression, and dozens of built-in color palettes. Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5 for Mac OS X is now available. In has an estimated street price of £330.